A Buddhist God with lotus in hand, Padmapani is also a Bodhisattva and a distinct form of Avalokitesvara. Standing six foot tall on a carved lotus base, this superbly rendered large-size reproduction exemplifies the technical mastery of RAJ, an extraordinarily gifted contemporary nepali artist a WSN protégé. Gold and paint decorations are the work of a fellow-artist.

The original work dated 1000 1400 A.D. from the HIMALAYAN REGION origin Nepal - is in the Art's collection of the Metropolitan Museum of New York with the following description.

"Padmapani or "Lotus-Bearer" is one of the more common epithets of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion. This superbly modeled sculpture stands in a tribhanga or thrice-bent pose. The right hand makes the gesture of giving while the left signifies teaching. Padmapani is identified by the lotus flower resting on his left shoulder. The more restrained modeling of earlier Nepalese bronzes has here given way to a more baroque treatment. The suave, subtly articulated planes of the body contrast with the more intricately modeled jewelry and pleats of the dhoti . His broad face with elongated eyes and eyebrows and small mouth is similarly stylized."

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Details of Padmapani - the "Lotus Bearer" - Works such as this may be specially commissioned from WSN. This Statue is already in a private collection in the United States but you can order a Padmapani or any other subject of your choice. Simply email us a photo of the work you want reproduced together with measurement. You can order any size statue from 6 inches to 6 feet. We will quote price within 48 hours.

Head Lotus Hand
Base Waist Back